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Better play it safe - for each application the best solution: asotatech

Concrete reinforcement

Buildings, bridges, tunnels - wherever concrete is processed - the use of Asota AFC / MCP can make a significant contribution to the safety and durability of the structures. Admixing these short cut fibers to finished concrete prevents the formation of shrinkage cracks during the curing phase and reduces flaking of ceiling elements in case of fire (e.g. in tunnels).


Heat-sealable specialty papers produced with the wet-laid method, which also come in contact with food (e.g. tea bags), among others, demand innovative and pollution-free pre-products and precursors such as asotatech. The short cut fibers disperse well in water and in conjunction with pulp have the desired properties in the final product.


Filter systems for purification of air or liquids are now standard industrial and personal equipment. Industrial filters to reduce emissions, air filters for air conditioners and vacuum cleaners, filters for water or other foods are just some examples of asotatech.


Nonwoven structures in geo-areas for road, tunnel and embankment construction require a special force / elongation ratio of the utilized fibers. Chemical resistance is essential for the sealing of landfills. These are all properties embodied by asotatech. Mixed with natural fibers, asotatech can also be used for drainage purposes in very coarse titers (240-800 dtex).